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      The Platform

      Grindery's open-source execution environment provides a robust platform for integrating and automating workflows. It features an embedded workflow engine with a no-code design, a native integration marketplace for seamless interaction with web3 and web2 apps, and the ability to automate internal processes and real-time data syncing across various platforms. The system interacts with multiple blockchains, enabling event detection, data reception, and transaction execution.


      Open Source

      Open-source environment enables infinite customization, focusing on core product features.



      Distributed external environment enhances operational efficiency by simplifying operations.


      Token Driven

      Incentivized agent model boosts ecosystem and value proposition through more integrations and automations.

      Feature Overview


      Embedded workflow engine

      Insert the No-Code workflow automation designer into your application and let your customers automate any business process.

      embedded worflow automation screenshot
      native integration marketplace screenshot

      Native integration marketplace

      Let your customers integrate with the web3 and web2 apps they love through your branded intuitive integration marketplace – zero coding skills required.


      Branded Apps

      We provide a library of pre-built Apps for major application directories like Zapier, Slack, HubSpot and many more.  Brand it, launch it and drive leads within a few days.

      one click integrations screenshot

      Automate everything

      Grindery is flexible. You can use it to automate internal processes, sync data between different places and modify them in real time.


      Blockchains both ways

      Grindery allows your users to detect events, receive data and make transactions on over a dozen blockchains with redundancy of multiple APIs. 


      Ready for AI? (soon)

      Get your (d)App on ChatGPT, integrate with major image and text AI APIs and take your user experience to the next level. Join the closed beta or get in touch.

      Ready to buid?

      We help you roll out your integration directory, workflow engine and custom connectors. Ask about our grant program and how to leverage AI 😎

      Why Grindery?

      Grindery's Integration-Platform-as-a-Protocol (iPaaS) is the future of integration and automation.


      Build for Web3

      Grindery is the only web3-native solution that handles keys storage, gas payments and security across a dozen blockchains.


      Native embedding

      Simple embedding together with our upcoming JS SDK seamlessly embeds Grindery's fully customizable UI widgets — including our No-Code automation designer — into your App or dApp.


      No-Code designer

      Our embeddable and scalable workflow automation engine, built with REST API, makes it easier than ever to automate business processes and data flows.


      Custom connectors AI

       Grindery's advanced AI technology empowers you to build custom connectors that optimize user experiences and seamlessly integrate with marketplaces, revolutionizing the way you connect and innovate.


      Flexible deployment

      Because we are committed to open, you can deploy, customize, and operate how you see best fit. No lock-in. Ever. 


      Truly Trustless

      Step by step Grindery is bringing decentralized automation and integration to Web3.  Read more about Integration-Platform-as-a-Protocol (iPaaP) in our White Paper.

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