With +700k users the leading self-custodial EVM wallet for Telegram.


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GX Token Sale

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Less is More.

Meet the easiest crypto wallet. Ever.

  • Key-less Setup. Effortless crypto access without pass-phrases or private keys.
  • Setup-less Transfers. Send crypto as easily as texting, with no recipient wallet setup required.
  • Natural Language Chat. Engage with your wallet conversationally or via a web app
  • Gas-less Transactions. Bid farewell to gas fees for every blockchain move.
  • Social Address Book. Use real names for transactions, enhancing clarity and trust.
  • EVM Compatibility. First in Telegram to support a range of EVM blockchains.
  • Innovative Automation. Embrace web3 bots for trading, bridging, and exploring DeFi.
  • Broad Blockchain Support. Access a multitude of chains and tokens, paving the way for full decentralization
  • DeFi Integration. Engage in token trading, swapping, bridging, and staking.
  • Expanded Currency Options. Facilitate exchanges, ramps, and credit card transactions
  • Complete Decentralization. Transitioning towards a fully decentralized, trustless system.

⚠️ Please note that the WebWallet is currently in Beta. Unexpected issues may arise.

⚠️ Special Advisory for Users in the Philippines: Some users have encountered issues revalidating their phone numbers with Telegram, resulting in blocked accounts. Make sure to use a valid, verified mobile number before proceeding.

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